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Client Demographics

Target Demographics

At Kaimore we are committed to serving the diverse communities of the City of LA and LA County. Understanding the demographics of our clients allows us to tailor our services effectively to meet their unique needs.

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Hispanic/Latino households experience a poverty rate of XX%, significantly higher than the countywide poverty rate of XX%.

Hispanic/Latino Origin
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In Los Angeles, XX% of single mothers and domestic violence survivors report facing housing insecurity due to financial constraints, making them vulnerable to homelessness.

Single Mothers/DV Women Survivors
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Black/African American individuals in Los Angeles County face an unemployment rate of XX%, nearly double the countywide average.

Black or African American
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XX% of formerly incarcerated individuals in Los Angeles face barriers to reentry, including limited access to employment opportunities and housing, contributing to a high recidivism rate.

Previously Incarcerated
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Despite the perception of economic success, a significant portion of the Asian population in Los Angeles County, particularly immigrants and refugees, experiences poverty rates above XX%.

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A significant proportion of veterans in Los Angeles County, estimated at XX%, struggle with mental health issues and substance abuse, contributing to challenges in securing stable employment and housing.

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Approximately XX% of transition-aged youth in Los Angeles experience housing instability or homelessness within one year of aging out of the foster care system.

Transition Aged Youth
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In Los Angeles, XX% of very low-income individuals and families spend more than half of their income on housing costs, leaving little for other necessities such as food, healthcare, and education.

Very Very Low-Income Individuals and Families
Research and Vulnerability
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