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Small Donations Make Bigger Impact On Someone’s Life, Act Today!

Join us for #GivingTuesday to raise $30,000 to create financial and career stability for hundreds of marginalized individuals and families.

To build a more equitable Los Angeles, Kaimore is committed to putting all Angelenos on the path to economic security through equity-focused strategies and policies to grow good jobs, build capabilities, remove barriers, and expand opportunities for the people and places being left behind through personal financial growth and career development.

The pandemic revealed the systemic failures of LA: racism, rising unemployment, sharp racial gaps in wealth and digital access, the housing crisis and homelessness, and so much more. Communities were torn apart, the health of Angelenos suffered, and businesses shut down. This became clear to us that racial disparities in income, employment, and wealth will weigh more and more heavily as communities of color grow.

Equity—full inclusion of all Angelenos in the economic, social, and political life of the region, regardless of race, ethnicity, age, gender, or neighborhood of residence—is essential for regional prosperity. Ensuring that people of all races and ethnicities can participate and reach their full potential has become more than just the right thing to do—it is an economic imperative.

As a token of our gratitude, we will invite you to share a success story about a loved one on our Success Stories Spotlight Wall. Your unique story will inspire others and showcase the positive impact of your support. Upon making a donation, you'll receive a link to submit a success story about your loved one. 

Kaimore Client

Your donation will help people like Abigail.

Here's her story:

Abigail, a single mother of two, had been homeless for almost 6 months during the pandemic. She became a drug user, and was unable to provide for her two children. Abigail then lost custody of her two children to Child Services, a blow that was devastating to her. She became determined to turn her life around and seek help. She started attending peer supportive service classes and a rehab program. When she was in recovery, she was then referred to Kaimore’s career development program, where she would learn the basics of how to find and retain a stable job.

Upon completion of her program, she was placed in a contract job with one of Kaimore’s partner organizations for 6 months. During those 6 months, Abigail worked hard to save up money and experience. Abigail was also doing well in recovery and became clean. Before her contract ended, Abigail was able to find another full time job. She then moved into an apartment in Monterey Park, and bought a car for herself. Shortly after starting her new job, Abigail was granted partial custody of her two children again. She says with tears in her eyes, “Nothing is more important to me than being in my children’s lives and to become a good example for them, and thank you Kaimore for giving me that opportunity.” 

Your donation will help sponsor the enrollment of hundreds of others like Abigail, to give them the resources, opportunity, and support that they need to succeed.

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Help Us Build an Equitable Los Angeles!


What Your Gift Will Accomplish.

With your support, more people like Abigail will have the opportunity to thrive. As the saying goes: many hands make the work light. Together we can build a better tomorrow. Join our funders, the IRS, LA County Consumer and Business Affairs, YUM Brands, and more, to create a more equitable Los Angeles. Your donations translate to lifelong financial stability for these individuals, who then are able to break the cycle of poverty for the next generation.

  • Your gift of $25 supports curriculum materials to help homeless individuals find employment.

  • Your gift of $50 supports one individual’s employment and financial building capacity for a semester, helping them overcome employment carriers and any debt they have.

  • Your gift of $100 sponsors an individual throughout an entire year of mentorship and counseling, often able to help them retain a stable job and start building wealth.

  • Your gift of $200 covers the costs of enrollment and enrichment activities for two individuals for the entire year.

  • Your gift of $1000 sponsors 10 individuals for the entire year and helps us expand cohorts for future individuals on the path to success. 

Please join our supporters:

Partners: United Way, Beacon Housing, Reality LA, Covenant House, Anti-Recidivism Coalition, LaunchPop, Hollywood Food Coalition, Salvation Army.


Funders: MAOF, KYCC, YUM Brands, IRS, LA County


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