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The Core Program: Workforce / Entrepreneur Development (Summer)

1. Hands-On Training:

a) Shaved Ice Booth Operations: Participants will receive hands-on training in setting up and tearing down the booth, operating shaved ice machines, and providing excellent customer service.

b) Business Management: Participants will gain on-site experience in managing inventory, handling transactions, and maintaining a clean and organized booth.

c) Financial Literacy: Training sessions will cover budgeting, expense tracking, and profit calculation to develop crucial financial management skills.

2. In-Classroom Training:

a) Entrepreneurship Education: Classroom sessions will delve into topics such as business planning, marketing strategies, and business ethics to provide participants with a solid foundation in entrepreneurship.

b) Financial Literacy Workshops: Participants will attend workshops focused on personal finance management, banking, and credit to enhance their financial literacy and decision-making skills.

c) Soft Skills Development: Workshops will focus on enhancing participants' communication, teamwork, and leadership abilities, preparing them for success in the workplace.

3. Farmer's Market Participation:

Participants will have the opportunity to apply their skills and knowledge by operating the shaved ice booth at a minimum of five farmer's market events over the two-month program period. This hands-on experience will allow participants to interact with customers, manage inventory, and handle transactions in a real-world setting.

4. Transition and Succession:

Graduates of the program will have the opportunity to train the next cohort of participants, fostering leadership development and program sustainability. This model promotes peer mentorship and ensures continuity in program delivery.

5. Support and Mentorship:

Throughout the program, participants will receive ongoing mentorship and support from program staff to address any challenges they may encounter and facilitate their personal and professional growth.

2023 Pilot Program Proof of Concept

Highlighted in the October 2023 issue of City of Monterey Park newsletter Cascades, Kaimore's Shaved Ice Booth Entrepreneurship Program showcased innovative initiatives in empowering our youth. Launched as a pilot at the Monterey Park Farmers Market, the program received praise for its hands-on approach to supporting young entrepreneurs while meeting the demand for unique food offerings.

Initial participants, aged 18 and 19, gained invaluable experience in booth operation, customer engagement, and financial management. Joseph Torres, Monterey Park's Economic Development Manager, emphasized the program's role in preparing participants for future employment or entrepreneurial ventures, urging community support for their endeavors.

Pilot Program Youth Testimonial

Rae, Summer 2023 Participant

“This program has proven to be valuable for me. Many times, I gained insights into understanding what it would take to run my own business, making it a significant asset for me having this experience sets me apart from other people, particularly my friends who also aspire to start businesses. I believe I have a bigger step ahead in pursuing that goal. Everybody has dreams, so many people want to start a business, but maybe they don't because they don't know where to start or anything. This program is gonna help out so many people.”

Core Problem Addressed

Many young individuals lack exposure to financial literacy and essential business skills, which hinders their ability to pursue entrepreneurial opportunities and contribute to economic growth. Our program aims to bridge this gap by providing comprehensive training in financial literacy, business skills, and hands-on experience.

Expected Impact

By encouraging youth to explore entrepreneurship and potentially establish businesses within the community, we aim to stimulate local economic growth, create job opportunities, and enhance the overall business climate. Through their entrepreneurial endeavors, youth will not only gain valuable experience and skills but also become agents of positive change and innovation in Monterey Park's economic landscape.

Youth Empowerment

Participants will gain confidence, agency, and a sense of purpose as they develop essential skills and explore entrepreneurial opportunities.

Leadership Development

Graduates mentor future cohorts, fostering leadership and peer support, promoting a culture of accountability and growth among participants.

Employability Skills

Participants will acquire employability skills, financial literacy, and entrepreneurship knowledge, enhancing their readiness for entry-level employment or self-employment.

Economic Impact

The program generates economic benefits for participants, local businesses, and the community, fostering resilience and self-sufficiency through entrepreneurial skills and income opportunities.

Entrepreneurial Mindset

Participants develop creativity, resilience, and adaptability through entrepreneurship education and hands-on booth operation, empowering them to explore ventures and pursue self-employment confidently

Community Engagement

Participants actively engage in local markets, contributing to community vibrancy and building positive relationships with customers and vendors.

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