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Financial Literacy

Our Financial Literacy Programs focus on helping individuals improve their financial literacy, including personal finance basics, wealth building strategies, and free tax preparation. Low-income and at-risk individuals often face financial challenges such as limited income, high levels of debt, and limited access to financial services. Learning about personal finance, wealth building, and free tax preparation can help individuals make informed financial decisions, avoid financial pitfalls, and achieve greater financial stability.

Free Tax Preparation

Kaimore has partnered with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) to present a valuable opportunity for qualified taxpayers. Through the Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) program, we offer complimentary, confidential, and secure preparation and e-filing of tax returns.

Filling Out Tax Form
Young Student in Library
Young Student in Library

Money Matters

Our Money Matters program offers a comprehensive six-topic cohort designed to enhance financial literacy. Covering essential areas such as Goals, Saving & Budgeting, Credit, Building Wealth, and Retirement, this initiative aims to instill robust financial habits and empower individuals to manage their finances effectively. Tailored for both youth (14-24) and adults (24+), the program delves into entrepreneurship topics for the younger cohort and explores more advanced subjects for adults. Please book a time below or contact us with additional questions.

Money Monsters

 This four-topic educational cohort is tailored for Middle to High school students, focusing on fundamental money management skills and fostering a proactive relationship with finances. Participants will gain essential insights into basic financial principles and learn practical strategies for navigating the world of money, setting a strong foundation for their financial future.

Happy Teenager
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