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Workforce Development

This program is designed to help individuals improve their job skills, find employment, and advance in their careers, including resume building, skills training, job placement, and a job board. Low-income and at-risk individuals often face barriers to employment such as limited education and job skills, lack of experience, and a lack of access to job opportunities. Workforce development programs can help individuals acquire the skills and knowledge they need to succeed in the job market, find employment, and advance in their careers, ultimately leading to greater financial stability.

Career Development

This program is a three-topic cohort designed to enhance participants' employability by focusing on key areas of professional growth: resume building, interview skills and job search strategies. 

Business Colleagues
Graphic Shapes

CAD Navigator

The CAD Navigator program is a four-month skills-building initiative that offers CAD training through hands-on learning, on-site experience, career development activities, and a capstone project. It is designed to assist people of all ages and backgrounds in finding careers in a changing technology landscape by providing them with transferable skills.

Market Ready

Market Ready empowers Los Angeles' transition-aged youth, specifically those at risk of homelessness or formerly homeless, by providing practical work experience and entrepreneurial skills through operating a shaved ice booth (or other concept) at local farmers' markets. Acceptance is seasonal, each cohort runs weekly for 3 months.

City Market
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