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At the Bakery

Food Industry &
Customer Service

This 2-month program offers hands-on training in the food and farmers market industries, including on-the-job training with industry partners, covering booth setup, food preparation, POS operation, cash management, inventory control, and customer service. Clients receive financial support from Kaimore to cover overhead costs, with the opportunity to continue year-round or apply their experience to related job opportunities.

Program Overview

Application Process:

  • Clients apply to the program

  • Interview process for selection

Program Duration:

  • 2 months

Training Structure:

  • Once a week on-the-job training

  • Week 1: Orientation

    • Overview of food and farmers market industries

    • Overview of program operations and training

  • Week 2: On-the-Field Training

    • Training and hands-on experience

    • Onsite training staff from Yeti Shaved Ice and Fat Dragon

  • Week 3: Transition

    • Responsibilities handed off to the new team

    • Training staff available for support during peak times

  • Week 4: Supervised Independence

    • Training staff mostly hands-off, observing and providing suggestions

  • Week 5 Onwards: Independent Operation

    • New team has full control of operations

Training Content:

  • Setting up a farmer’s market booth:

    • Load in

    • Electrical setup

    • Hand-washing station setup

    • Signage

  • Food preparation and cooking

  • Point of Sale (POS) operation

  • Cash register management

  • Client acquisition strategies

  • Inventory management

  • Food labeling

  • Restocking procedures

  • Customer service

Financial Support:

  • Kaimore covers all overhead costs

    • Permits, insurance, equipment, supplies

    • Seed money for initial perishable supplies and booth rental

Revenue Sharing:

  • New team keeps and splits all proceeds

  • Funds allocated for:

    • Perishable supply costs

    • Booth rental

Post-Program Opportunities:

  • Clients can continue year-round with ongoing support

  • Use experience to apply for food industry or customer service jobs

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