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Cleaning with a Mop


In this 2-month paid internship, clients gain practical experience in various hospitality careers, focusing on housekeeping operations, cleaning techniques, room setup, and time management. Upon completion, participants can explore opportunities within the NELAHOA network or pursue other hospitality positions, including self-employment in housekeeping.

Program Overview

Application Process:

  • Clients apply and interview

  • 2-month paid internship

Training Structure:

  • Hands-on training once a week (or more based on facility)

  • Orientation covering various hospitality careers

  • Housekeeping operations, cleaning techniques, sanitation, room set up, restocking, and time management

Post-Program Opportunities:

  • Seek work within NELAHOA network

  • Apply skills to other hospitality roles

  • Explore self-employment in housekeeping

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